Why Has the World has Gone Mad for Kombucha?

Kombucha: a tea made from a symbiotic bacteria and yeast colony. Suddenly, it seems that everyone’s talking about this 2,000 year old Chinese remedy. Why? What could possibly be so great about something that, to our Western ears sounds so strange?

It’s all about health and longevity. Indeed, the Chinese called Kombucha “The immortal Health Elixir”. While it won’t grant you immortality, there’s no doubt that significant health benefits accrue to those who use Kombucha regularly.

Detox and cancer prevention

By now, most people understand that in order to prevent cancer and achieve a healthy balance within the body, toxins need to be dealt with. Kombucha contains enzymes and acids that match those produced by our bodies in order to deal with waste products and toxins.

There are even people who applying this strategy to the treatment of cancer. Strange as this may sound, Nobel prize winning Russian author Alexander Soltzhenitsyn is said to have used Kombucha as a means of treating his stomach cancer and US ex-president Ronald Reagan was able to stop the spread of his cancer through the use of Kombucha. Glucaronic acid, an ingredient found in Kombucha has been proven as a cancer-fighting substance.

Prevent and treat arthritis

There’s a scientific basis for the belief that Kombucha helps to prevent and treat arthritis and other joint problems. It contains glucosamines which stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, a substance that helps to preserve and lubricate cartilage.

Contains probiotics

Probiotics are the bacterial ‘good guys’ that colonise our digestive system, aiding the digestion of food and preserving a healthy balance against ‘bad’ bacteria. It’s not only the digestive system that benefits from this. Our immune system is strengthened by probiotics too. Since detoxification also boosts the immune system, Kombucha offers a two-pronged strategy towards boosting immunity.

Get extra energy

During the fermentation process, iron is released, and this effect is credited with helping Kombucha-drinkers to feel invigorated and energetic. Iron improves the haemoglobin levels in the blood allowing for improved oxygen transportation and transfer. More oxygen allows the cells to produce more energy-giving ATP. Kombucha is also rich in B-vitamins – a great supplement for those who want to feel more energetic and vital.

Look younger

Since Kombucha stimulates collagen production and preserves the collagen that keeps our skins looking young, those who hope to preserve their youthful complexion are also using Kombucha. People are reporting a reduction in wrinkles and lines when they use Kombucha regularly making it attractive to those who hope to slow the ageing process.

Lose weight

Because of its effects on the metabolism, Kombucha helps the body to burn fat and to store less fat when food is consumed. Dieters are reporting enhanced weight loss thanks to their consumption of Kombucha.

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