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Why Has the World has Gone Mad for Kombucha?

Kombucha: a tea made from a symbiotic bacteria and yeast colony. Suddenly, it seems that everyone’s talking about this 2,000 year old Chinese remedy. Why? What could possibly be so great about something that, to our Western ears sounds so strange?

8 Must-Eat Fermented Foods

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a vegan or just want to eat healthier and more nutritious food, you’ll also find that fermented foods can be a real treat! From the obvious (just to soothe those who might be new to the topic) to the exotic – here are eight must-eat fermented delicacies.

Why You Should Add Fermented Foods to Your Weight Loss Program

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard for many of us to lose weight? You might say that you think something is wrong with your metabolism, and there’s a good chance you’re on the right track. But how did your metabolism get into this state in the first place, and how can fermented foods […]

Fermented Foods and Rosacea: The Gut-Skin Connection

If you suffer from Rosacea, a skin condition that causes redness and the development of pus-filled bumps on the skin, you might have come to believe that it’s just something you have to live with. Good news! You don’t have to live with Rosacea any more. Balancing your gut flora by eating foods rich in […]

Fermented Food for Beginners

Eating fermented food might sound really gross, but many foods that we enjoy on a daily basis are actually fermented. However, most of these are pasteurized, and as a result they have lost most of their goodness.

An Easy Guide to Fermenting Vegetables

Getting all the health benefits of fermented or cultured vegetables doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune at the delicatessen. Try fermenting your own vegetables at home. Here are some of the basics:

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